Book Chat Interview with Caroline Kurtz


Caroline was recently interviewed for Book Chat on the Cowlitz County, Washington station KLTV. Alan Rose, a great interviewer, got Caroline talking about her unusual childhood as an Oregonian in Africa, and about the writing of her books set in Ethiopia and South Sudan. The interview is full of interesting stories and bits of history. Enjoy! Select here to visit the Book Chat Site To visit Caroline Kurtz's Author Site, select here  

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MDC—A Beacon of Hope


MDC—A Beacon of Hope for the Dizi (deezee) People The history of the Dizi people of Maji is heartbreaking. An anthropologist wrote, Before the . . . forced incorporation of the Dizi into the Ethiopian empire, the Dizi probably numbered between 50,000 and 100,000. The conquest had profound consequences in the decades which followed—subjection to . . . economic exploitation and oppression: the abduction . . . of innumerable people as slaves, servants or carriers, only a few of whom were ever able to return: famine, disease and a growing sense of hopelessness and resignation, engendered by a total [...]

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