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Caroline Kurtz

Caroline Kurtz grew up near rural Maji District’s one town. She was the only foreigner who began returning to Maji after the Communist regime fell in 1991. From 2008-2013, she coordinated projects in Maji that were funded by Presbyterian donors. This led to community leaders asking her help to get solar lights for the clinic delivery room.

As she realized what it means for communities in Maji District to be completely cut off from power, she turned for support to boarding school friend Paul Clark, then developing off-grid access programs for rural Ugandans. He urged her to consider starting a non-profit. She became convinced that there is no lack of funding for successful projects. What’s needed is more successful projects. Now, the response of donors and the successes of MDC have confirmed that belief.

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Maji Development Coalition making Clean water, Solar Electricity and Women's Empowerment a reality.

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