Maji hospital

Maji hospital

Teamwork Produces Miracles


Yesterday I ordered the solar equipment for the Maji hospital! It was a huge victory with many layers--your generosity, Ato Markos's leadership and people-skills (the MDC Business Manager), Ato Samson's persistence (our solar partner), the MDC lawyer team, and the Maji leaders' commitment to the good of their people--with MDC staff and board to pull everyone together. I made the down payment yesterday. In a month, when the order is packed and shipped, we'll make a second payment. When the shipment arrives in the port,  a final payment will cover clearing, transporting, installing and local maintenance training. The everyday work is [...]

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What’s in a Hospital?


Hello, friends of Maji. Summer usually sees a giving slump, but in July MDC was given almost $10,000. Our announcement of a video highlighting the Maji Hospital brought a match offer from childhood friend, Larry Gingrich, and so many of you responded generously. Thank you--you know who you are! Thanks again, Larry Gingrich! Unfortunately, corona virus cases in Ethiopia are rising, and have spread out of the capital city now. As of August 10, cases numbered 22,818, and deaths began to rise from five at the end of May to 407 on August 10. In a country of 100 million, that's [...]

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