August Update

Published On: August 23rd, 2023By Categories: Clean Water, Community, Development

Ato Markos reported from rural Maji District this week. At the end of May, work actually began, and this week the crew unspooled pipe and ran it down the hillside to waiting communities. Markos texted, “The people cheered with joy!”

I’m going to give you a photo-rich report of the wonderful and shocking progress that the construction crew, led by Ato Markos (MDC Program Manager) and Wzt Helen (District Water Engineer), accomplished in the last three months. But first, let me say that this only happened because Ato Markos pushed and pushed thanklessly behind the scenes for two years, without any real evidence of progress. Finally, in late May the blockages broke.

Let me also add that the last time I talked with Ato Markos he asked me to give his own special thanks to the individuals and churches that made this project possible. He is deeply grateful for the chance he has had, through your generosity and prayers, to change the lives of his people. They have been climbing the steep hillsides and carrying home water for generations. Now we have brought the water to them. Priceless!

With Ato Markos, the MDC board also thanks you for your generous giving that made it possible to buy materials and hire skilled Ethiopians to bring development to these rural communities in Maji District!

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